WATCH: Jason's Steamy Gay Dream on 'True Blood'

By: Brandon Voss

If you drink a vampire’s blood, you’re going to have sexy dreams about him — even if you’re both straight dudes. It’s just a rule of True Blood.

We first discovered this bonus side effect back in season 3 of the supernatural HBO series, when shapeshifter Sam had a blood-induced wet dream about showering with vampire Bill. Likewise, in last night's season 6 episode, Jason Stackhouse — played by Ryan Kwanten, whom you recently voted the second hottest guy on the show — shared a very close shirtless shave with Ben, a faerie-vamp hybrid played by hunky newcomer Rob Kazinsky.

Will Jason lick Ben's neck? Will they shave more than just faces? Oh, for the love of Lilith, don't wake up!

Check out the clip below. Though it's a total tease, did you appreciate the man-on-man action?

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