WATCH: Pam Ann Loves Chocolate Bears

By: Robbie Imes

Sherry Vine and Pam Ann met on a gay cruise ship, and there hasn't been a dull moment since!

If you're not familiar with her, Pam Ann is a stewardess with an attitude who sharply pokes fun at international stereotypes, shredding the airline industry along the way. She's rude, slutty, lazy, and best of all, hilarious. 

Pam Ann is just one of the many personalities that Australian comedian Caroline Reid brings to life. Her show travels all around the world, even to the set of She's Living for This, where she sat down with host Sherry Vine for an exclusive interview to discuss the creation of her alter-ego, her hometown Melbourne, noisy disco parties, unwanted bear advances, salmon throwing, and much more.

See Pam Ann on the latest episode of She's Living For This on Here TV and Here TV YouTube Premium.

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