Tim Gunn Is Too Sexy for Los Angeles

By: Brandon Voss

L.A. can't stand sidebutt.

Project Runway returns July 18 for its 12th season, but the Lifetime reality competition is already stirring up controversy. The season 12 billboard ad, which features nude male and female models worshiping host Heidi Klum and out mentor Tim Gunn, has gotten an auf wiedersehen and double kiss-off from the Los Angeles area.

As reported by Variety, Lifetime has confirmed that the ad will not be on display in Los Angeles due to nudity, but it's still unclear whether it was the city or private sellers of advertising space who vetoed the image. Way to be prudes, L.A.

According to the city of Los Angeles’ Department of Building and Safety, signs containing “obscene matters” can be prohibited by the city, but this image seems pretty tame, especially compared to most overtly sexual fashion and fragrance ads out there.

What do you think of the ad? Is it worthy of censorship?