Meet the Hot Male Models on 'ANTM: Guys & Girls'

By: Brandon Voss

Just when you thought you were totally over Tyra Banks...

Premiering Aug. 2 on the CW, the 20th cycle of America's Next Top Model — also known as America's Next Top Model: Guys & Girls — is the first season to include male contestants in the modeling competition. Hot damn, we may have to start tuning in again.

As seen in their intro videos and a new batch of official photos, most of the male models are as butch and scruffy as you might expect, but one hopeful might surprise you. According to Philadelphia Magazine, Cory Wade Hindorff, who declares that he "will be representing the male androgynous this cycle, and it’s gonna be fierce," is a Philly drag queen named Serena Starr!

Check out Cory below, and get to know the other seven sexy fellas on the following pages.

Model: Cory Wade Hindorff

Age: 22

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tags: TV