Meet the 'Bingo Queens' on 'Amazing Race 23'

By: Brandon Voss

CBS has unveiled the cast for the 23rd season of Amazing Race, which premieres Sept. 29. Is there LGBT representation? It sure looks like it.

Meet Rowan Joseph and Shane Partlow, theater performers from Charlotte, North Carolina, whose connection is that they're both self-proclaimed "queens of bingo." Rowan, 56, is an actor, producer, director, and voiceover artist. Shane, 47, is an actor and producer. May the odds be ever in their favor.

The bingo queens will face challenges like paragliding in Chile, a plunge in Norway, and Formula One racing in Abu Dhabi. Sound scary? Bingo!

They may rule with a mighty bingo dauber, but don't count Rowan and Shane out here. After all, don't forget that it was a couple of gay goat farmers who won the 21st season.

Photos: Cliff Lipson/CBS