Real Men Like Ben Cohen Wear Lycra and Sequins

By: Brandon Voss

No, Ben Cohen won't be on Dancing with the Stars, but the British gay ally and antibullying activist will strut his stuff on the U.K.'s similar reality competition Strictly Come Dancing.

It was officially announced yesterday that the 34-year-old former rugby superstar would compete alongside singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor and, well, no one else we've ever heard of.

"Here you go," wrote the hunk, tweeting out his official Strictly Come Dancing cast photo. "Me in my Lycra's and a bit of Sequins!! Hehe."

Whether or not he pulls off the look or has two left feet, you can bet some of his earnings from the show will benefit the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, the organization he created to combat homophobia and bullying.

"I'm not in competition with other people in my eyes, I just want to do the best I can, Ben says. "When I've seen other people on the show before, I've always been in awe and thought fair play because that really takes some guts. I've always watched from a distance, and never ever in a million years thought I'd be in this position now."

The new season of Strictly Come Dancing premieres Sept. 7 on BBC One.

Go, Ben — and don't break a leg!