WATCH: YouTube Diva Lohanthony, Behind the Danielabra

By: Brandon Voss

Calling all basic bitches!

We thought his Harlem Shake video was the gayest thing ever, but it gets gayer for flamboyant teen vlogger and master twerker Lohanthony, a recent guest on Comedy Central's Tosh.0.

As adorkable host Daniel Tosh puts it, “I flew another teenage boy I met on the Internet to Hollywood," and their creepy interview pays tribute to Behind the Candelabra, with Daniel channeling Michael Douglas as Liberace and treating the young YouTuber as his next Scott Thorson.

Yes, Tosh is 38 and Lohanthony is only 14, so this would probably seem terribly inappropriate were it not interspersed with viral clips like the one in which Lohanthony says he'd like to pull Justin Bieber into his house and “fuck the shit out of him.”

Is Tosh basic? Will Lohanthony become his house boy? Can he get Lohanthony his own show?

Check out the hilariously awkward clip below.