WATCH: NPH Can't Resist Hot Chorus Boys on the Emmys

By: Brandon Voss

Neil Patrick Harris just couldn't pass up a chance to get man-lifted.

After a somewhat lackluster opening bit, the tireless Emmys host finally gave all the kids what they wanted halfway through last night's telecast: a big singing, dancing spectacle featuring Nathan Fillion, Sarah Silverman, and some beautiful Broadway hoofers.

Called “The Number in the Middle of the Show,” it was a rather pointless distraction, but at least it lightened the show's somber mood for a few minutes.

Maybe because he needed a little comfort after all the tearful memorials, at one point a rather smitten NPH requests "more of the guy who held me up before" — and gets it!

Hey, it doesn't top his 2013 Tonys opening number, but what could?

Check out a clip below.