WATCH: 'Full Frontal Clooney' Is the Best Story You'll See All Day

By: Brandon Voss

Ugh, the news can be exhausting — even when it's not about Miley Cyrus.

On a recent episode of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart, who was officially over John Boehner and other bad newsmakers, pulled out and spun his “Wheel of Happy Stories.” Alongside topics like "Donald Trump Laryngitis" and "Pillows! Pillows! Pillows!" was “Full Frontal Clooney,” clearly the most uplifting category of them all.

But about that Clooney nudie... Duh, it's the not-gay Gravity star's face Photoshopped onto someone else's body, but did they actually show a big uncensored cock on Comedy Central?

Careful viewers at Gawker swear it's pixelated, smudged, or not a dick pic at all, but you be the judge below.