Terrific New Teasers for Season 5 of 'Archer'

By: Patrick Yacco

Popular spy cartoon Archer returns to television on January 13, and cable network FX has released several clips in preparation of the upcoming season. The first new episode sees lead character Archer Sterling and his team of secret agents take on space pirates, but the highlight of the set is a parody of Kenny Loggin's "Danger Zone," the theme song to 80's fighter pilot film Top Gun and personal anthem of Archer. A number of segments also feature scientist Krieger educating viewers on policy at the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), the agency that employs the fictional espionage group.

After debuting in 2010, Archer has gained a cult following. It regularly features queer characters and storylines, such as Archer attempting to seduce a Cuban spy and openly gay agent Ray Gillette coming out to his family. Voice actress Aisha Tyler is also an outspoken proponent of marriage equality, and recorded a video for HRC early last year.

Watch the hilarious new teasers below.

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