Charlie Carver Had Fun Filming Gay 'Teen Wolf' Scenes

By: Stacy Lambe

From the moment it premiered, MTV's television reboot of Teen Wolf quickly drew in gay fans mainly because of its hunky cast but also due to its surprisingly entertaining premise. Over the course of the show's run, Teen Wolf has toyed with the homoerotic tension between its characters, but in season 3 it made good on one gay relationship, thanks to the addition of Charlie Carver, who plays Ethan, one half of twin werewolves. Ethan quickly fell into a relationship with Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) on the show, which plans to explore their world more in the second half of the season premiering on Jan. 6.

In an interview with The Backlot, Carver discusses what it was like to get into bed with Kahuanui.

"I think what I really loved getting to shoot the sex scene was going from being in a really intimate moment with someone and then hallucinating that a werewolf is popping out of my stomach. It was a really fun couple of days. I mean Christian [Taylor], one of the directors and producers on the show, had a very clear vision. He wanted to pay homage to a whole bunch of different horror movies and stuff, so we knew going in exactly what feel we wanted out of it. I think what was really sweet about that love scene in particular, it was just two people on a field trip hanging out on a bed. It wasn’t really trying to be anything super serious."

While the scene was greeted with delight from fans, there hasn't been too many more sexy moments for the couple. However, Carver hints that the show will find the two characters exploring their relationship:

"I wouldn’t call it a sex scene but there’s definitely some romance ... I don’t want to spoil anything. But I think that what has to happen between Ethan and Danny is trust. So, I think [falling in love is] what we’re kind of working towards."

The show returns on Monday, Jan. 6 at 10 p.m. EST. 

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