'American Idol's First Openly Gay Contestant Eliminated

By: Kevin OKeeffe

All we wanted for MK Nobilette's time on American Idol was for her to wake up. Unfortunately, America decided to tell her "good night."

The singing competition's first openly gay (while still in competition) contestant was eliminated last night after weeks of sleepy performances.

Since she was booted within the Top 10, she'll go on the American Idol live tour this summer.

We wanted - nay, needed - MK to be great, but we wished too hard and our dreams fell apart. After an initial strong first impression - when she turned in a lovely performance of John Legend's "All of Me" back in the semifinals - it's been all downhill from there, her run finally terminating with a rough performance of P!nk's "Perfect" on Wednesday.

Even her attempt to keep herself in the competition - her reprise of "All of Me" - was a pale imitation of her previous performance. The judges declined to save her, with Jennifer Lopez looking particularly upset and refusing to deliver the news.

MK seems like a charming person, but Idol has never felt like the right stage for her. Perhaps that's why, for the first time in weeks, she looked relieved and happy as she learned her journey was over.

Watch MK's unsuccessful "Save Me" performance below.

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