'Bitten' Star Greyston Holt Tweets Pics of His Best Assets

By: Ross von Metzke
Unless you’re a SyFy junkie or one of Gay.net’s devoted Canadian readers, chances are you may not have heard of the TV series Bitten, the story of the world’s only female werewolf and the all male pack of wolves she runs with. Together, they are tracking a “mutt” wolf that has taken to killing humans.
The show is a huge hit in Canada, where it’s made headlines for its fairly graphic sex scenes and frequently naked stars (Bitten premiered on Netflix earlier this month and airs stateside — minus the nudity — on SyFy). But despite breaking ratings records for specialty network Space, when the show’s season one finale aired in early April, there was no news on whether or not it would get a second season.
Enter series star Greyston Holt (Once Upon a time, Supernatural), who decided to take an unorthodox approach to campaigning for Bitten season two — refusing to put his clothes on until the show was renewed. On March 17, Holt tweeted: “I'm not putting clothing back on until we get a second season.” The tweet was accompanied by a photo of himself completely naked, covering his unrated parts with a sheet of paper that reads, “#renewbitten”.
He did it again last week, this time tweeting a photo of himself hiking naked at Joshua Tree, noting that there was still no news on a season two renewal.
Not that getting naked is anything new for the actor. Producers of Bitten used naked pics of Holt to promote the show’s premiere on Netflix earlier this month, adding #freethebum to a picture of his backside to note that Netflix would be airing the series uncensored.
All of the naked campaigning appears to have paid off. On Thursday, Bitten was renewed for a second season, meaning, alas, until it premieres in 2015, Holt will likely refrain from tweeting any more naked photos. But considering the actor appears naked in the majority of the first season’s episodes, expect more of the same from season two.
Check out Holt’s naked Twitter pics and some screen grabs from Bitten below.
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