Tyler Posey: 'Teen Wolf' Gay Subplots Saving Lives

By: Ross von Metzke

Last year, Gay.net published a story about how Teen Wolf might just be the gayest show on television — in the best possible way.

Now, as the show gears up for its season 4 premiere, Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey is talking about what the MTV hit has come to mean to him, his co-stars and the fans, saying that many of them have credited the show and it’s handling of gay storylines for helping them through dark times.

“We get a lot of fans who have touching stories,” he says. “You know, they say Teen Wolf has almost saved their life. The fact that we emphasize the gay storyline on the show has made a lot of people come to terms with the fact that, you know, it’s OK to be gay.”

The beauty of Teen Wolf is that on the show, the gay characters aren’t “coming out” and dealing with homophobia — it’s absolutely accepted and normal.

“One of the most important things to me when we were creating the show was to try to build a world where we weren’t actually talking about coming out and all the problems of homophobia,” out series creator Jeff Davis told The Advocate in November. “I wanted it to be an idealized world — one where being gay isn’t just accepted, it’s a part of everyday life.”

Teen Wolf returns for its fourth season on Monday on MTV.