Is a Gay Three-Way Coming to 'General Hospital'?

By: Ross von Metzke

One of television’s most beloved soaps is going gay in a big way.

A three-way, to be exact.

The anticipated ménage-a-trois was first hinted at in a previous episode when Lucas (Ryan Carnes, whom many of you might remember from Eating Out) walked in on Brad (Parry Shen) and Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel) bickering over him and told the boys they “both could have him!”

They let that revelation linger for a bit until Thursday’s episode, which found Brad thinking that a three-way might just pave the way to him landing Lucas all for himself.

Cut to Lucas telling Carly (Laura Wright) that he doesn’t want to have to commit to anyone and is just looking for some fun and, well, now all they need is interest from Felix, who is trying to loosen up and manage the love triangle.

So will the three guys hit the sheets? For the love of all that’s soap opera, we sure hope so.

Watch a bit of the gay drama that's been unfolding this summer below. General Hospital airs at 2pm on ABC

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