U.K.'s Channel 4 Announces New Gay Drama

By: Levi Chambers

Russell T. Davies, Queer As Folk writer, developed a new gay drama entitled Cucumber for the U.K.’s Channel 4. The network claims that their new show will be too graphic for American T, but it will be “channel-defining.” Cucumber follows the life of a gay man in his 40s (Vincent Franklin) who leaves his boyfriend for a younger man (Freddie Fox pictured left). In a recent interview with MailOnline, Piers Wengner, Channel 4’s Head of Drama, said, “In a drama looking at the details of people's sex lives, whether gay or straight people, of course you are required to bust taboos or ask probing questions. There's no doubt people will find it challenging but it's asking intelligent questions in an original way.”

One thing is certain. If it's anything like Queer As Folk, we'll probably love it. 

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