SLY Pops Matt Coleman's Modeling Cherry

By: The Underwear Expert

Youthful Australian brand SLY underwear sure knows how to pick ‘em! The brand just gave the cute, cuddly and very tall Matt Coleman his big break, shooting him in their underwear for his very first photo shoot ever. Cute, no?

We got a chance to catch up with Coleman and ask him a few questions about his new career and future plans.


Underwear Expert: How did you get started modeling, Matt?

Matt Coleman: I got scouted by an Australian agency, One Life Models. Funny enough SLY was my first photoshoot!

Underwear Expert: Had you always wanted to be a model?

Matt Coleman: As a kid I thought modeling was just for girls but when I was in high school one of my friends went to America to model for high-end fashion labels and he was working in amazing cities like New York. Ever since then I thought it would be a great job.

Underwear Expert: Do you like modeling underwear, or do you want to do other things?

Matt Coleman: Modeling underwear was quite the experience to start with! I got more comfortable with the people I was working with and it turned out to be great fun. I would also like to get into things like runway to expand my horizons.


For the full interview, head over to The Underwear Expert after checking out some candid photos of Matt below.





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