Photos: Sports + Fetish = Barcode Berlin

By: The Underwear Expert

Berlin-based Barcode Berlin has a distinct style and artistic, authentic and sex-infused underwear and apparel. On top of that, they have a whole heck of a lot of really awesome photos [think European guys wrestling in singlets.] They seamlessly pair sports and fetish, too, bringing reasonably-priced fetish sports-wear to mainstream consumers.

The Underwear Expert spoke to Frank Michehl, the brand’s Concept, Marketing and Distribution Manager about the story behind their brand, singlets and whether or not sex really does sell.


The Underwear Expert: What’s the story behind the brand?

Frank Michehl: Barcode Berlin reflects the city of Berlin. It’s sexy, it’s open, it’s independent. We attract customers with quality in mind: a promise of long-lasting durability kept by exclusively utilizing premium and pre-washed materials. We guarantee high quality standards by consistently monitoring the production, too, hence we exclusively produce in Europe, maintaining the spirit of Berlin and incorporating designs and styles from around the world.

The Underwear Expert: Describe the guy that wears Barcode Berlin.

Frank Michehl: Sporty, masculine, and Berlin. We love fetish and we have a large fetish fan base worldwide.

The Underwear Expert: Singlets. Do guys actually buy these?

Frank Michehl: YES!

The Underwear Expert: And are they buying them for pleasure or to actually wear?

Frank Michehl:  Both, but especially for parties, people love to be able to live their fetish.

The Underwear Expert:  You have great, sexy photos. Would you say sex sells?

Frank Michehl: Our photos leave room for interpretation and our customer’s imagination–this helps bring every picture to life. And I think that is what sells the best.

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