Men's Lace Underwear: Could It Be a Thing?

By: The Underwear Expert

Remember when guys started wearing women’s jeans because the lower rise fit better? This then trend only lasted a year or so before the men’s brands started making their own low-rise versions. Could lace underwear be the next strange trend to move into the menswear category?

10 % of men who buy women’s underwear buy it for themselves. Yeah, we were surprised, too. This doesnt necessarily mean crossdressing is on the rise, though. They could just be buying it because it's awesome. A subculture of men have long gotten their kicks from the same lacy styles that drive their lady friends wild. They cite every reason in the book for going with lace, from the barely there feeling to the breathability, the sheer texture, and even the fact that it’s just plain sexy and they like exploring their fetishes. 

Now, brands like Joe Snyder, BodyQ, Good Devil, XDress, Male Power, CandyMan and 3Wishes are catching on and tip-toeing into lace territory providing men a chance to learn what women have known for years: lace is awesome!
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Photo Credit: CandyMan (Black Lace, Style 9602), Chad White by Ruven Afanador