Todd Sanfield Talks MOTEL | HOTEL

By: The Underwear Expert

Have you gotten Kevin McDermott and Todd Sanfields picture coffee-table book MOTEL | HOTEL? If you haven't, you should.

The Underwear Expert speaks to the guys about their collaboration, and let's just say the conversation was as candid as could be. Check out these photos from the book and then catch up with the guys below.
The Underwear Expert: How has the book sold, you guys?
Kevin McDermott: The book has done very well. Everyone seems to enjoy it and love it. I’ve been very happy with that.
Todd Sanfield: The book is a complete success, hands down. 
UE: Todd, what can we expect from you in this book?
Todd: It’s a very sensual, sexy, erotic type of book, and you get my personality 100%.
UE: What personalities do we get exactly?
Todd: Goofy, funny, sexy, charismatic, you know, energetic. You get it all — you know what I mean? It’s very classy and sophisticated as well.
UE: Todd, you get down to business in this book. There are some underwear shots at the beginning of the book but the clothes kind of come off through the rest of it. What’s the process for you to access your sexuality like you do?
Todd: I mean it’s just who I am. I kind of consider myself a bit more... I dunno — I have a strong sexual drive. I just feel like after years of shooting, too, you get more comfortable with your sexuality and you’re able to express who you are.
UE: What can our readers who have never seen MOTEL | HOTEL expect as far as what they’re going to see when they open it up?
Todd: Well, there are two pictures in there that are straight up full frontal. Nothing blocking it, no steam or steamed glass, no mesh underwear. Nothing–straight up full frontal shots. And then there’s another shot–it’s almost like I just got up in the morning... you know? It’s very natural, though, not like Playgirl style where you’re straight up in the air. It’s very classy, very elegant, very organic. There are obviously some shots with mesh underwear and stuff like that, too, where you can see my penis, but it’s still classy.
For the full un-censored interview with Todd and Kevin, plus steamin' hot photos from the book, head over to The Underwear Expert.
To purchase click here: MOTEL | HOTEL
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