Tyson Beckford Talks Underwear

By: The Underwear Expert

In an exlcusive interview with The Underwear Expert's Michael Kleinmann, Tyson Beckford gets real personal. The judge of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model and former host Make Me A Supermodel apparently really likes Calvin Klein. Pink Calvin Klein. He also discusses how he fills them out.

Check out some rather sexy Tyson photos below and read the interview.


Gay.net: So, let’s talk about underwear a little bit Tyson. Boxers or briefs, Tyson?
Tyson Becford: I like boxer briefs.

What brands do you like?
Right now my one favorite is Calvin Klein. Unless I come out with my own, which I’ve always thought about doing, that’s the only, you know, that’s the only thing I wear right now.

Do you ever try wearing trunks instead of boxer briefs?
Yep, I’ve tried ‘em.. They’re a little too tight on my, uh, my package. Yea, I need somethin’ with some room.

I hear ya, I hear ya. We just put an article up about that the other day.
You see! It is something that men are concerned with because we’re all different sizes so some are gonna fit men better than others.

But I think it mostly has to do with the fabric people are using because a lot of fabric is really giving, but you know, some of the more traditional fabrics and the way they’re sewn together, there’s just no room in there.
Yeah, yeah, my favorite is the Pima cotton. It’s soft on ya and it’s giving. The microfibers, too, are great. The new Calvin’s that are out right now—oh man, they’re so amazing.

Which ones?
The Calvin Klein Bold. Those are some of my favorite. I gotta head to the store and get me some new ones now because, you know, every six months I like to get new ones.

You like the bold in cotton or microfiber?
I like it in microfiber and I like the boxer briefs as well. I love the great colors. I’m not afraid to wear pink, you know? The ladies love that one. And I notice more and more of my guy friends and model friends, you know, we’re at a photo shoot and we’re getting dressed for the next shot and everyone will have them on.

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Photo Credit: Cliff Watts, Next Top Model, Pirelli