Colby Mevlin Uncovered

By: The Underwear Expert

Colby Melvin tosses off his clothes for a relaxing shoot in this gallery from Gabriel Gastelum. The popular and charming Andrew Christian model goes for a more serious, intellectual approach to the shoot which includes black and white photos and a long walk on the beach. Don't worry, despite the more serious theme of the gallery, Colby's famous personality still shines like the California surf. 



“Working with Colby was awesome. He is nice and a complete gentlemen,” Gastelum told The Underwear Expert. ”He was up for anything and is a great sport. Definitely a model photographers would love to work with.” He continued, “He is incredibly humble and is completely comfortable with who he is and stands by his principles.” We couldn't agree more after interviewing him. (visit: Colby Melvin: Up Close and Personal).

Of the photo of Colby on the beach, Gastelum said: “It was his first time touching the pacific ocean during our shoot. His face when he realized how cold it is was pretty priceless.” 

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