What's Next for Men's Underwear?

By: The Underwear Expert

The men's underwear industry seems to be getting more high-tech all the time. Everyone from Frigo to Under Armour is looking to get the edge on their competition. But what does it mean for you? It's not just fashion; a lot of these advances could save your life some day. The Underwear Expert has identified three advancements in men's underwear that could really make a difference.

1. Thinking Underwear: In an effort to be constantly updated on the health of soldiers on the front line, U.S. Army engineers are working on a type of underwear outfitted with sensors that would transmit back information about soldiers’ vitals. This thinking underwear, also known as a “wear-and-forget physiological sensing system,” could completely change the way governments monitor their men and women, allowing them to track blood volume, level of exposure to hazardous substances and even stress levels.

What this means for you: Marketing smart underwear to civilians could change the way we think about health–it’s only a matter of time before it makes its way from the Army to your local department store. Thinking underwear could help doctors keep tabs on key patients out of the hospital. There's even talk of developing undergarments that could administer medicine!

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