Quinn Jaxon Opens Wide

By: The Underwear Expert

There's definitely a move to include real men in underwear marketing campaigns. When we say real, we mean extremely attractive, but believable looking guys that we might see on the street. These models are non-threateningly handsome. Quinn Jaxon is the perfect example. Andrew Christian is featuring him in its advertising and it's not hard to see why: the man is accessible and magnetic. We talked to the up and coming star for our newest Model Talk.


The Underwear Expert: Thanks for chatting, Quinn! First off, the Andrew Christian “Jock Strap Cowboys” photos of you on the tractor in your jockstrap—they’re amazing.

Quinn Jaxon: I grew up in North Dakota–every boy up there loves playing on tractors, you know? They’re some of my favorite photos ever.

The Underwear Expert: So you’re a country boy at heart, then? When did you move to the Golden State?

Quinn: I originally moved to LA from Minot, North Dakota a little over two years ago. I moved here for a dancing scholarship program that I had at The Edge Performing Arts Center; the original reason I moved to LA was to become a professional dancer in music videos, commercials, performances like that.

The Underwear Expert: And how did you end up becoming one of the Andrew Christian underwear boys?

Quinn: Two people that work in the office were at Here Lounge one night when I was go-go dancing; they both gave me a business card and I pretty much just followed up with them and sent them photos from photo shoots I had done in underwear. January of this year they called me for the very first car wash video they did. That was my first experience with the brand and meeting Andrew, and then it just took off from there. They called me for more videos and I was doing like one or two videos every month and then I did a couple photo shoots with them and it just kind of like blew up from there. 

Check out he photos below, then see more and read the rest of the interview at The Underwear Expert!

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