Brandon Robert Brown Tells All

By: The Underwear Expert

Brandon Robert Brown, the boldfaced Andrew Christian model, opened up to The Underwear Expert about his worst date ever, his favorite underwear brand, and his favorite sex position. He even talked about his buddy, fellow Andrew Christian model Colby Melvin. The model has recently been seen partying it up in Andrew Christian's "Road Trip Part 1" video, and can be oggled in a handful of other videos such as "Jockstrap Cowboys" and "Lick." On the latter, Brandon says "Oy, that one was naughty." Yes it was.

Best Date: I would say my first date that I had with um.. someone who I was dating not too long ago. We had a trip up to San Francisco, actually–it was our second date. So, my surprise on the second date was: he picked me up, took me to the airport and we got on a plane and went to San Francisco for the weekend. I had a blast up there. We did a lot of fun stuff I’d never done before.

Worst Date: My worst date involves an airplane, too! I was on a trip, and we had a big argument while we were there and it was kind of like a “OK, find your own way home.” So.. I don’t recommend fighting that far away from home!

Best Position: What kind of positions are we talking about? Well.. given my preference, I would say my favorite position would probably be missionary, but you’d have to know top or bottom to know which side I’d be on.

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