Should You Own Leather Underwear?

By: The Underwear Expert

Yes, there is underwear made out of actual leather, but we're talking about the more animal friendly pleather. It looks like real leather, feels like real leather, and its much less expensive (plus you can wash it!).

Pleather underwear wicks moisture away with plush underside of the fabric--the part that touches your skin. Of course, neither pleather nor leather are known for being breathable, but this isn't the sort of underwear you wear to the gym anyway.

Indeed, this pleather underwear falls on the risque end of the style spectrum. Gregg Homme has embraced it for the Chopper Cut Out Brief and the Octane Brief.

So, should you be wearing leather underwear? Take a look at Rodiney Santiago in a leather brief for Ruf.Rod, and we think you'll being saying "yes to pleather!" in no time. 

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