Undz Makes Fun of Beckham

By: The Underwear Expert

If you pay any attention to men's underwear, you're probably familiar with the David Beckham Bodywear for H&M photo campaign that has been so successful for both the star and the brand.

Beckham's success with H&M didn't stop Canadian underwear brand, Undz, from poking a little bit of fun at the tattooed athlete.

In a new series of ads, the brand uses a Beckham look-alike photographed in a similar manner using the same font as the H&M logo for its own name. In the Undz ads, however, the images have "douche," "metrosexual," and "womanizer" stamped on top of the fake Beckham. It's all in good fun.

Bertrand Dore of Undz says that the photos were "honestly just for the sake of teasing," and that the people at Undz love the H&M campaign. 

Check out the photos below and head over to The Underwear Expert to read more of what Undz had to say about the campaign.

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