Choosing Underwear for Your Body Type

By: The Underwear Expert

We all look a little bit different naked. Some of us are tall, some are short, some are muscular, some are round. It turns out that there's a great pair of underwear for all shapes and sizes. Here at The Underwear Expert, we're determined to find the perfect pair to fit you.

No matter what your body type, you don't want to settle for underwear that doesn't look and feel great. Getting the perfect fit is the key to looking amazing with your pants off and we're here to get you up to speed.


Description: Your upper body is disproportionately slimmer than your lower body, resulting in a thicker waistline, wide thighs and ample butt.
Underwear Issues: The extra junk in your trunks finds you in need of more coverage, a loose or gaping waistband and leg bands that ride up.
We recommend: Your best bet is full coverage, like trunks and boxer briefs. The mid-waist rise and longer leg length will provide a full-coverage look that evens out your shape for a more flattering profile. Try a style with color or a pattern to really pep up your look, like the Diesel Fresh and Bright Divine Trunk. Boxer briefs are especially great because the length can reduce thigh chafing, just make sure you choose a style without thick leg trim, such as the Calvin Klein Underwear X Cotton Modal Boxer Brief. Avoid styles with a low-rise, as they will automatically fall beneath the coverage level you need, as well as any form of high cut or bikini style briefs.

Description: Also called “skinny” or “slender,” your frame is thin and there is not much meat on your bones.
Underwear Issues: Clothes and underwear tend to always appear a little big, and certain types of underwear, most notably skimpy briefs, may emphasize your thin thighs and itty bitty waistline.
We recommend: Trunks are great for thin frames because the legs extend to the tops of your thighs and give the flattering illusion of a little more meat on your bones, as well as boosting your butt a bit. Try a low-rise trunk like the C-IN2 Prime Lo No Show Army Trunk, which features a pop of color and a wide logo waistband that makes your abs look great. You could do briefs, but consider that the skimpier you go, the skinnier you’ll look. Try a brief with a more classic fit, like the Michael Kors Free Fit Brief.

For more body types, visit The Underwear Expert. Are you built on top? Are you tall? Are you short? This is the guide for you.

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