An Interview with Izaak Love

By: The Underwear Expert

If you've seen the Oskar Franks campaign Me-Ism, then chances are you'll remember this young model. Muscular-bodied Izaak Love is actually only 5'10", but his looks are as sweet as they come. Whether he is stretching out on the carefully made bed or standing in the eerie glow of the blue light, the camera is drawn to his thinking man's charm.

The Underwear Expert had a chat with the 22-year-old Sydney native. In this exclusive interview, Love talks about his passion for acting, his recent modeling and how you can get those incredible abs. Check out the excerpt below, then head over to The Underwear Expert for the full interview.

The Underwear Expert: Would you say your modeling trained you as an actor in any way?

Izaak: When we actually film a campaign or small video for a shoot it definitely helps train me.

The Underwear Expert: And what would you say is the main difference between modeling and acting?

Izaak: Unless in a shoot you are being filmed as well, there are not many similarities between the two.

The Underwear Expert: What’s your favorite brand of underwear and why?

Izaak: I have always loved Calvin Klein. Since shooting for Oskar Franks, I really like them, too. Both brands are stylish and comfortable.

The Underwear Expert: And what’s your favorite style and why?

Izaak: I like briefs and hipsters, both feel comfortable and look nice.

For more great photos the full interview, including tips on how to get Izaak Love's hard set of abs, click on over to The Underwear Expert.

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