Bjorn Buckley by Darren Black

By: The Underwear Expert

There are essentially two basic camps of underwear models: muscular powerhouses and wispier, boyish men who follow the heroin chic tradition. Bjorn Buckley is definitely a member of the latter group. The model is clearly fit, but compared to the bulked up Adam Fletcher or Den Wok, he is decidely skinny. Not that his thin torso and lean arms are bad attributes; Bjorn Buckley is boldly embracing the skinny-fit trend of heroin chic modeling. 

The images below are by photographer Darren Black. The series shows off the tattooed model's contorting body and sneering face. Bjorn Buckley poses against a simple background in black boxer briefs with cocky style. Check out the images below and then head over to The Underwear Expert for the full series in which Buckley shows his skill.

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