Funky Trunks Go Swimming

By: The Underwear Expert

Funky Trunks Swimwear dazzles with a new campaign featuring The League, its latest collection. The League clearly has Olympic ambitions as the gallery displays the kaleidoscopic swimwear on athletic models preparing for a swim race worthy of Ryan Lochte. Will we be seeing The Legue's Jackson Pollack style designs on anyone in four years at Rio? It'd be a great change of pace.

Based in Australia, Funky Trunks has expanded since 2002 and can be seen on professional swimmers, divers like Matthew Mitcham, and casual beach goers. The brand focuses on creating high quality garments that mix vibrancy, flair and originality. Check out the swim race below... then head over to The Underwear Expert to see the Funky Trunks team hit the locker room.

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