Get in the Pool with Ca-Rio-Ca

By: The Underwear Expert

What does Ca-Rio-Ca mean? The name of the Brazilian swimwear brand comes from the indigenous language of the area. In the Tupi language, "carioca" means "a resident of Rio." The brand clearly takes pride in its heritage and this series by MILO800 is a sunny reminder of how great Rio must be this time of year. The photos feature Loui Diaz, who spends some quality time basking in the sun and wading in the pool. He models swimwear with "Rio de janeiro" or "Brasil" in bold letters across the crotch or seat. 

Go down south with these photos of Ca-Rio-Ca and be sure to check out the rest of the images (even more of Loui Diaz!) at The Underwear Expert.

For more information about this brand: Ca-Rio-Ca

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