Behind Closed Doors: Sexy Underwear Trends

By: The Underwear Expert

Most people aren't willing to talk about their underwear habits beyond answering the age-old question: "boxers or briefs?" At The Underwear Expert, we decided to dig a little deeper to find out what's really going on behind closed doors. It turns out that more and more guys are wearing sexy thongs, mesh, lace, leather and singlets. It's not always the guys you'd expect, either! These underwear trends are being tested by guys of every age, shape and style. 

Check out our coverage of thongs and lace below, then head over to The Underwear Expert for even more revealing looks at emerging trends.


Consisting of a pouch, a waistband and a narrow string that goes between your legs to keep the two together, the thong was originally developed to provide minimal coverage and minimize the possibility of underwear lines showing up through your clothes. Today’s thong still keeps your undies undetectable, but they’ve gotten a lot more stylish.

When to wear: Since the thong tends to be simple in its design, it’s usually comfortable, so you can wear one anytime you want a lines-free look. However, the minimal coverage does put your buns on display, so if you’re definitely apt to show off the assets, you know, at a family reunion or something, the thong is the way to go.


Offering the same level of sheerness as mesh, lace is for guys with fetishes that put them in touch with their feminine sides. Also, it just plain feels good! The frilly goodness of lace, specially designed with the male anatomy in mind, is a surprisingly fashionable, and über sexy treat. If you’ve ever tried to squeeze on a woman’s lace style, the first thing you’ll notice is that there’s no room for the boys. 

When to wear: Inhibitions aside, lace is notorious for getting one’s panties in a bunch, as they say, so we recommend these for special occasions when you don’t plan on wearing pants for very long.

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