Todd Sanfield Sizzles on 'Oh My God!'

By: The Underwear Expert

Todd Sanfield doesn't like to sit still. In addition to being a student and a model, Sanfield is the man behind The Todd Sanfield Collection. Kevin McDermott recently photographed him for the cover of Oh My God! magazine. We caught up with the busy Sanfield to talk to him about the shoot. Read what he had to say here, then head over to The Underwear Expert for the magazine's interview with Sanfield!

The Underwear Expert: You worked with Kevin McDermott for your book series, how did this recent collaboration come about?

Todd Sanfield: The book was never planned, that is the beauty of it.  When I first met Kevin we wanted to do something really sexy, but not overboard, and get it published.  The images turned out to be pretty good. For this, we threw some ideas around, and then boom!

The Underwear Expert: What can we expect from you in the New Year?

Todd Sanfield: Who knows? I don’t even know. One thing I can assure you is that The Todd Sanfield Collection will have new product in six months!  We are about to make that next jump and I am excited.

The Underwear Expert: Do you speak any Spanish?

Todd Sanfield: NO! And what a regret!  I blew Spanish class off when I was younger.  Now, a few of my good friends speak Spanish as their primary language. I feel like an idiot around them!

Check out the photo below then visit The Underwear Expert for Oh My God! magazine's interview with Sanfield.

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