Davey Wavey Strips Down and Works Out

By: The Underwear Expert

Davey Wavey has our readers entranced after appearing in The Undewear Expert's Davey Wavey Road Trip (and Part 2). His smile, goofy personality and amazing body has us all wondering "how does Davey do it?" The answer is simple: he worked for it!

Davey Wavey took us with him to the gym and showed us the exercises that keeps him in such great shape. The best part? He did it all in his underwear. We put together this gallery of Davey's stripped down underwear workout.

Not only did he show us some moves, he inspired us to hit the gym too. "Did you know that Barack Obama spends 1 hour a day exercising?" Davey asked. "If the leader of the free world has time to hit the gym, then so do you."

Fair enough. Check out the photos of Davey Wavey below, then see more at The Underwear Expert.

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