Super Bowl Underwear Sightings We Almost Saw

By: The Underwear Expert

The Super Bowl is pretty much the ultimate opportunity to show the world your underwear. Although the most dramatic Super Bowl underwear sighting was sure to be Matthew Terry in that Calvin Klein ad, we had our eyes on a couple of other members of our Super Bowl watch list. These were the athletes we thought were the most likely to give us a peek at their underwear. Unfortunately, none of them did. To cheer everyone up, we brought out some older photos of the football stars. See them below then head over to The Underwear Expert for more photos of athletes that we wish had dropped trou.

3. Colin Kaepernick

With tattoos like that, how could the quarterback not strip off his shirt in frustration after his loss?

2. Ed Reed

This is clearly a man who doensn't mind showing off his pro football body.

1. Ray Rice

The man known for pushing through tight situations didn't show us his underwear on Sunday, but we're guessing this wasn't the last time we'll have the opportunity to get another shot like this.



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