January's Hottest Underwear Photos on Facebook

By: The Underwear Expert

Here at The Underwear Expert, we're excited when other people are as interested in underwear as we are.

The easiest way for our undies-loving community to interact is on Facebook (if you aren't yet a fan, be sure to join).

We put together a list of our top ten most popular photos on Facebook for the month of January so you could see what people are talking about. From Justin Bieber to button fly pouches, these were the topics that got people going last month. See three of the photos here, then head over to The Underwear Expert for seven more of the most popular Facebook photos of the month.

10. Why Wear Underwear?

We gave our top nine reasons why underwear is important. Apparently, our Facebook fans agreed.

9. Are you tired of Justin Bieber?

Facebook fans aren't sure the pop star should keep showing his underwear to everyone.

8. Button Fly Pouches

Do you prefer button fly pouches, y-front, horizontal front, or no fly at all?


See seven more of our top photos at The Underwear Expert!


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