Steve Gold Vs. Louis Mayhew: Who Wore CK Better?

By: The Underwear Expert

This time in "Who Wore It Better," Louis Mayhew and Steve Gold go brief to brief in classic Calvin Klein Underwear. It's a staple in almost every man's drawer, but who wears the ultimate basic brief better? Check out Steve and Louis below, then make sure to vote for your favorite at The Underwear Expert!


Steve Gold

Steve wore his brief in a photo shoot by Andrew Weir. He brings his seductive glair and fancy gold bracelets to the table. With that teasing grab at his waistband, Steve Gold is the man to beat.

Louis Mayhew

Louis Mayhew, on the other hand, is blessed with - well, look for yourself. No one can say that he doesn't fill out his undies, but is that enough to take down the masterful modeling of Gold?

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