Musicians Who Can't Keep Their Pants On

By: The Underwear Expert

Perhaps we have the Naked Cowboy to thank for this trend, but it seems like our favorite men of music just can't manage to keep their pants on.

Country, rock, rap, pop... We have underwear sightings across all genres! And no, we're not complaining. We are simply observing.

In fact, we've compiled a list of our favorite musical men who we have no urge to buy a belt for. Check out the most notorious low-riders here, then go to The Underwear Expert for the full report.

We love seeing Adam Levine rocking the Calvins, but we still prefer him wearing just his guitar.

It's no secret that Bieber can't help himself when it comes to showing what he's got.

We're still trying to figure this one out. At least we know that John Mayer has balls!

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