And Your Nominees for Underwear Prom King Are...

By: The Underwear Expert

Your high school Prom King seemed to have the entire senior class at his beck and call. All the girls and probably half the guys would do anything for just one dance with him. You may have even done his homework — just because his rigorous football career needed to be his priority. Are we getting close?

Well, screw that guy. He's probably got himself a beer belly and a monthly child support bill the size of your Gay Days savings account. So today The Underwear Expert is crowning a new type of Prom King. Yep, it's time to pick your favorite Nominee for Underwear Prom King of 2013!

Check out some of your nominees below and on the following pages. Then visit The Underwear Expert to see who else is still in the running to take home this new and exciting title.

Nominee #1: Rodiney Santiago
Is this scruffy piece of man meat worthy to take home the title?