It's an Invasion of Man Leggings!

By: The Underwear Expert

Meggings — soon to hit retailers across the nation.

That's right, "man leggings" are officially a thing, thanks to some of our more daring men out there. And if you're currently banging your head against your computer monitor, asking yourself, "Why, why, for God's sake, why?," we kindly ask you to stop.

Just think of this as the next evolution of fashion. Men and women have always been stealing clothing trends from one another, and apparently skinny jeans just weren't tight enough.

Check out our favorite celebrities who propagate this trend below and on the following pages, then visit The Underwear Expert for more leading men manning it up in meggings.

Never to be outdone, the Biebs takes meggings to the next level with neon animal prints.