5 Things Lil' Prince George Could Learn From British Models

By: The Underwear Expert

The world was abuzz this past week with the birth of His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, the newest addition to proud parents Prince William and Kate Middleton's family tree.

Now that he's a part of this world, the young boy — gay or not — will have to face some of life's harshest lessons. Luckily, Prince George is not alone. For most advice, he can look to his own family; his grandpa can teach him about relationships, his uncle can show him the best places in Vegas, and his aunt can show him where to buy some great hats. But the kid could also learn a thing or two from his royal subjects — especially the ones who happen to be hot male models.

Find five teachable model moments below and on the following pages. You might learn something too.

It's as simple as that. When you think of David Beckham, loving father, loyal husband, and successful entrepreneur come to mind. He understands that not only is he a person, he is also a brand. Instead of fighting it, he knows when to keep things in private, but can work some publicity in there on occasion. The new prince will have to learn to keep his life balanced but also be a lovable public figure.