Out Andrew Christian Model Jon Varak on Bullying and Twerking

By: The Underwear Expert

Because you love fun facts about your favorite Andrew Christian models, here's a special spotlight on Jon Varak.

You might know him as one of the leads in Andrew Christian's latest twerk-off video, and if you follow him on Instagram, you know he loves taking selfies for his fans. What you may not know is that behind his, well, famous behind is a story of overcoming adversity in small town Tennessee and a genuine lust for life.

Check out highlights from Underwear Expert's recent interview with the Indian-Armenian model below and on the following pages.

Jon on the Andrew Christian twerk-off video: "It was a lot of fun and, actually, really exhausting. We had to go through a lot of takes. The shoot itself took six to seven hours. There were a lot of components to the video. You start off with me skipping down the street, then you get the chase scene, then you get to the twerk off. And let me tell you, twerking is a workout. It’s take after take of popping your ass for three minutes straight. Your legs and everything gets sore."