Go Hard or Go Go Harder With Boylesque's Brightest Star

By: The Underwear Expert

What comes to mind when you think of burlesque — the Pussycat Dolls or that terrible Christina Aguilera movie? OK, but what about boylesque? The subject of a New York Times article last year, the masculine art form is certainly having its moment in NYC nightlife.

Entertainer Go Go Harder is at the forefront of this new wave with his popular show, the Harder-Wood Revue, and The Underwear Expert recently chatted with him about highlighting his assets and why he's "not just a dick on the bar."

Read snippets of the revealing interview and see some of his favorite looks below and on the following pages.

Go Go on underwear's role in boylesque: "I would say underwear is definitely a huge component of the burlesque costume for male and female performers alike. Most striptease underwear and undergarments have either been re-rigged or completely constructed from scratch for specific break-away choreography and reveals. A lot of boylesk acts also tend to be 'story-oriented' so ideally the final reveal of the underwear is thrilling for the audience and also relates back to the theme of the striptease. Plus, there’s the very real fact that as a stripper, I want to look 'sexy,' onstage and thus need underwear that’s going to highlight my assets. Literally."