James Magnussen, Underwater Missile and Underwear Model

By: The Underwear Expert

When we get the rare chance to interview a hot Olympic athlete, of course we have to ask about his underwear. It wasn't too awkward for Australian swimmer James Magnussen, because he talks about the subject all the time as ambassador for Aussie underwear brand Jac5.

"They were coming into the Australian market as a growing brand," he told The Underwear Expert about lending his face and body to Jac5 in 2011. "It was a good fit for me because I was growing into my own personal brand."

See what the "Missile" had to say about swimming and shaving below and on the following pages.

James on his passion for swimming: "I grew up at a time when Australian swimming was very successful. You had people like Ian Thorpe, Grant Hackett, and Michael Kim. That helped inspire me to want to take up the sport. My favorite part about growing up were the beaches in the town I grew up in. It would often feel like we had more beaches then people sometimes. I would spend most of my time in the water. I feel comfortable and at ease when I’m in the water. As much as I chose swimming, I think it chose me. I felt really natural at it and was good at it. It was an obvious path to take."