Fitness Model Shawn Cruz Wanted to Look Like an Action Figure

By: The Underwear Expert

Modeling wasn't something that Shawn Cruz had planned. In high school he loved painting and aspired to be like his idol, Claude Monet. He was also a talented basketball player who spent most of his free time training to go pro.

All that changed after moving from Virginia to Texas, where a friend got him into a runway show. He then caught the bug and followed his new dreams to New York, where he's currently signed to Chase Models NY.

The Underwear Expert recently sat down with Shawn to discuss his favorite undies, diversity in modeling, and why his childhood fitness inspirations were made of plastic.

Read some of the interview highlights below and on the following pages.

Shawn on his favorite underwear: "My favorite style of underwear are… trunks and briefs. Boxers are cool for once and while when you need some air down there. But, I like the fit. I also like to look kind of sexy underneath. I like to feel that when I take my pants off, I want to look presentable. You never know when you will be in your underwear. I want to be prepared at all times. I would not to like to be caught in printed underwear with like snowflakes or something kiddy or cheesy. I also wouldn’t want to be caught in a man thong."