Meet Out Underwear Model Jonathan Ackley

By: The Underwear Expert

You may not be familiar with Jonathan Ackley... yet.

This dreamy Austin go-go boy, who got into modeling as a way to get closer to his dream of becoming an actor, recently sat down with The Underwear Expert — his first interview! — to discuss his coming out, his admiration for Jillian Michaels, and his tattoo regrets.

Read highlights from the Q&A and see hot new photos of Jonathan below and on the following pages.

Jonathan on coming out: "I was raised nondenominational with roots in Pentecostalism. It was a pretty strict upbringing, so I was scared to come out to my parents. My sister’s not straight. So, my parents already had a child come out to them. Part of me was comforted, but, I also had to see how they dealt with her coming out, which was the most ideal. But, we have a great relationship now. My mom invites me and my boyfriend over. I grew up in a little hillbilly town, but it wasn’t hard surprisingly. No one was really mean to me. I had friends who were gay. "