Interview With Andrew Christian Model Jeffrey Hawkins

By: The Underwear Expert

When reflecting on his high school years, Jeffrey Hawkins would describe himself as that guy chilling in the corner with a drink in his hand pretty much keeping to himself. That's a far cry from the twerking Andrew Christian model working as a go-go dancer in West Hollywood that he his today. Though, to Jeffrey, those were also different circumstances. It may seem like a short time ago for some, but the 28 year old still felt like he had to hide who he was during those years. That changed when he moved to Denver and ultimately California, where he would be introduced to the world of Andrew Christian.

Check out some highlights from an interview Jeffrey Hawkins gave to The Underwear Expert on the following pages. Hot pics included!

Jeffrey on growing up: "I grew up in Montrose, Co. At that point, I was denying myself, telling everyone how hot I thought certain girls were. I’m 28 now, and, at that time, being gay still wasn’t something that was acceptable. No one came out in my hometown. I didn’t know anyone who was gay. There was a lot of pressure and stuff going through my head about whether it was socially acceptable. I was scared. If I  can relive the experience in this time now, I would totally be out. There are a lot of shows out there changing people’s perspectives on gay people. It’s definitely a different time."