Out Model Colby Melvin Talks Latest Projects

By: The Underwear Expert

2013 was a terrific year for Colby Melvin. After a stint as a model for Andrew Christian, Melvin has since expanded his brand. Along with his fiance, Brandon Brown, Melvin has launched a new way to promote gay nightlife with Colbra Entertainment. He has also continued to model for brands like Timoteo and Petit Q. Recently, he is one of seven nightlife personalities featured on a YouTube web series, The Blonde Bitches.

Colby sat down with The Underwear Expert to chat about these projects in depth. Check out interview highlights below, and on the next pages.

Colby talks Colbra Entertainment: "We’re not just go go dancers. We have DJs, drag queens, singers, dancers, etc. We’re crafting complete shows from a wide range of talent. It’s like LA nightlife coming to you. We’ll supply everything. Today, it’s hard to get a job. I’ve had the professional jobs. Go go dancing is a great way to make money. I know dancers that do it while they are going for their PHDs or to help out their sick moms. We want to build up go go dancing as something that is not naughty or bad. For a lot of people, it’s a stepping stone and shouldn’t be seen as something inherently bad. With Colbra Entertainment, we want to create a safe and positive gay nightlife culture."