Out Underwear Model Johna Myers Spreads His Wings

By: The Underwear Expert

Uprooting from a city where you are well established to a whole new one can be grueling. For underwear model, Johna Myers, it was a challenge he didn’t mind taking on head on. It didn’t hurt that he would make the journey with his boyfriend Josh, known in the nightlife world as drag superstar Rhea Litre. That said, Johna has always lived his life with an independent spirit, willing to express himself through dance, art, style, or fitness. He is mostly known for his time spent with Andrew Christian. But, the model is ready to spread his wings and clear a way all his own.

He recently sat down with The Underwear Expert for an exclusive interview. Check out some of the highlights below and on the following pages.

Johna on growing up: "Growing up sucked. I came from Arkansas. Went to a private Christian school, K-11. For 12th grade, I refused to go to that school and transferred to a public school. I was starting to sneak out of windows to not go to school. My parents decided my education was more important than religious views, and I transferred. I have always been focused on who I was and that got me through my time in the South. There’s some conformity out there and injustice toward the way people want to privately live their lives. I would tell other people going through the same situation to be true to yourself. I started wearing my mom’s lipstick because it made me look better aesthetically. I know there’s people out there like that because I was like that. I don’t want them to be afraid of seeing something in pop culture and wanting to emulate it. No one’s been able to take over the world by being normal."